Free Fall

The main objective is to get a ball down through many types of obstacles. 
After a few levels appears a new type of obstacles that make the game more difficult.

The main features of the game:
- 3D graphics
- lot of levels
- periodically we will be add new levels
- stressful game :)
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Heroes of the World

This game is 3D shooting multiplayer game. Only join to server and play.
Earn in-game money by killing players in game and buy new weapons, skins and grenades.
There are lot of weapons like rifle, pistol, shotgun and more... 

- Free 3D game
- Multiplayer ( 8 players - Only click play, and you will be joined to the server )
- In-game money and shop ( Buy new weapons and skins )
- More maps
- Frequently added new updates
- Low size of the game
- Google play achievements
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My City

Build your own city. You may build parks , houses , markets , factories... 
Your city may have own Hockey club and many other things.
You must build your own town.
You have to worry about safety, health, jobs, fun... Game is 3D.
My City is too on Facebook: My City on Facebook
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Secure Gallery

Create secure images with this application.
This application not encode gallery but encode every image with your password.
You may send your secret images to your friends and only friend with correct password can open it.
This application convert images into our own image type "msecimg"
Low size application.

- Nobody can open image without your password - Image take less space than normal images - Every image can be encoded with another password - You may share secured image to your friend, girlfriend ... - Encoded with very powerful algorithm - Free - Take photo and save it directly to msecimg
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